About The Artist

Marty Holcomb Marty was born in Columbus, Ohio, to Joann and Earl Holcomb. He is the oldest of three children. Raised in a spiritual family, with a strict religious upbringing, Marty attributes his talents as a gift bestowed upon from God. This is reflective in some of his earlier works whereby his signature reads, "Thank you, Lord." He marvels at the beauty of nature and all God's creations. He has a deep appreciation for the human form and pays tribute by painting the most beautiful portrayals of women, in a fantasy realm. Marty offers, "It has been my great pleasure in life to search for the silent beauty in all things. The appreciation of form, and the constant working of light ansd shadow, is a journey which once begun reveals an endless path." Marty is an extremely sensitive man, and his sensitivity and gentleness shines through in his paintings.

Also apparent is his strength. That appears in his depictions of warriors and dragons pursuing the constant battle of good over evil. And last, but not least, is the humorous side of Marty. Here's where you'll find the funny characters, animals in human situations, or slightly naughty clowns. These are some of the subjects Marty paints to capture comedy on canvas.

My art is really a celebration of existence and awareness, both of the real and the imagined. The endless question of how and what if...

Marty did not have the benefit of attending art school; yet, he succeeded in any art endeavor he pursued with many awards and recognition. It was through determination and hard work he pursued his dream to become an artist. He read books on the great masters and studied their works. He carefully examined nature, form, shadows, light and perspective. He familiarized himself with pigment, brushes, canvas and the blending and application of paint to the canvas. Not having formal training was not an easy path. Marty explains this long journey: "I have always wanted to be an artist. I am still in pursuit of that dream. My guess is that I always will be because for some reason, whether good or bad, I've always been a dreamer. And part of art, at least to me, is seizing an idea or a dream.

Marty Holcomb and his wife, Linda Jacobs, currently reside in Columbus, Ohio where Marty continues his artistic journey with the same passion and excitment he's had since the beginning. He is the father of five children; Josh, David, Adam, Sheila (1986-1995), Reuben, and the stepfather of three; Jesse, Corey and Sheena.